The Continuing Saga of Football Panties

Hey kids. Here's something neat-o that's coming up in the world of musical musicness ...

Humans @ Bent River Brewing Co on Friday May 23rd
Dosh @ The Redstone Room on Wednesday May 28th
Mondo Drag @ The Redstone Room on Saturday May 31st
Ernie Hendrickson & Andrew Landers @ Bent River Brewing Co on Friday June 6th

There's probably more. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground. I think Sigur Ros may be on the prowl, as well as Dillinger Escape Plan.

Getting some sleep ...

The limited (but not collector's - edition of the new Gregor Samsa disk, Rest, arrived today. It currently sits in the package awaiting removal. More news on this as it develops. By the way, the collector's edition goes up for pre-order during the first week of June. It comes housed in some sort of thingamajig and has stuff n junk with it. Buy it.

The new Opeth release arises from the grave on June 3rd. Signed copies can be found here -

Festenhorst and/or Stumpenfest: The Festival of Fests

Upcoming groovy festivals that you might check out are Pitchfork in Union Park in Chicago on July 18-20. Boris people, Boris. Also check out Bon Iver (right). Spoon, !!!, and some Wu folks, as well as tons of others.

Also, there's a festival in the works that features the headliners Mike and the Dirty Bottoms. This should be quite the beast. Stay on the lookout.


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