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Botched deliveries and jury duty

Camera fuzz and hard seats


Body odor and dropped microphones

Bank overdrafts and video chats

Please read this ...

Veggie dogs and free ice cream

Password resets and late payments

Electric bills and maggot paper

Sketchbooks and scissors

Scrap paper and bubble gum

Camera cases and membership codes

Tissues and notepads

Robocop and Rulers

Staple guns and blue pens

Insurance quotes and desk brushes aka Gobama vs McCain't

Priggitty Profilin'

Wrist rests and razorblade holders

Empty jars and wooden dolls

Water cans and skeleton magazines

Computer screens and duct tape

Cell phones and tea cups

Bird Trailors

Ummmmmmmmm, hello

I miss you, Farty McSimmons

The Continuing Saga of Football Panties

Link problems ...


Mmmmmmmm, foood.

Music. Delicioius music ...annnnnnd ...

So, antivend is WHAT?